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Here Is Just A Sample Of What The Many Satisfied Customers Are Saying!!

Hello Green Zone,

A few months ago I became interested in an electric tricycle.  I did not like the prices of an e-trike, and I did not want a second trike (I already had a tricycle).  So I started looking at e-trike kits.  I found the Green Zone Bikes kit to be the most complete with tire mounted on the rim, small compact hub motor, small battery, nice black bag to mount battery if you want, charger, and several ways of mounting the throttle.  I was so thrilled when I took my first ride with the e-trike kit installed.  For several years I have had difficulty walking and riding a tricycle, so it was so exciting to be able to go further away from the house and get some exercise and sunshine.

When my neighbor Sherri L. saw what I had done, she immediately wanted me to install the kit on her tricycle.  As the Green Zone kits are only for 20 inch and 26 inch wheels, I found that installing a compatible 26 inch fork on her 24 inch trike was not a problem.  When you ride her trike, you cannot tell that the front wheel is taller then the back wheels.

I also found that the front fender can be used with the 26 inch wheel by using a fender brace made for a 26 inch wheel.  She is now unbelievably excited about being able to ride further each day and get some exercise and sunshine.  Also, I zip-tied the charger and excess wiring to the battery and put it into the black bag which is mounted to the front of the rear basket; the battery rests on part of the tricycle frame.

When she needs to charge the battery, she just slightly unzips the black bag and pulls out the end of the cord and attaches an extension cord.  I have now bought two more kits as my wife wants one, and my neighbor’s husband wants one.  As we ride around, a lot of neighbors are intrigued by the idea of a motorized tricycle.

Thanks Green Zone!

Alan P.

Mesa, Arizona.

Hello GreenZone!

This E-Kit is awesome, well packaged, on time (3 days)  very easy to install and I love all of the extras, especially the mount that holds the throttle slightly above the handlebars for ideal positioning and it saved me from having to pull off the grip.  I have loved this bike for 20 years, but now, I can go out when it is hot and not show up all sweaty from pedaling.  Alan followed up with me to make sure I was getting the right size kit for my bike.  I am very satisfied.  I love the simplicity of the design.  Great product!!!!!!

James M.

Hello, Green Zone Bikes,

I am so happy with my E-Bike kit, the easy way this kit  installed on my bike Wow! It installed in minutes rather than hours. I’ve been using this bike now for my business and fun and logged in almost  30 miles so far and what power this cranks out, right up hills with no problems and it just keeps on going. The really cool thing is if my bike wears out or I want to get a newer bike , no problem I just transfer the e-bike kit to the new one .

I would like to say that the service you give Alan is super you make certain all the boxes are checked and you really care about the customer, shipping is Epic, lighting fast. I no sooner ordered the E-Kit and it got to me safe and fast.

Many Thanks from a 500% Happy customer,

William Labenz, owner of Labenz Enterprises,LLC

Hi Alan,
As promised, here is the first of many pictures that we will send you. Truly, this folder is one of the best investments I’ve made! I have been wanting one for quite a while, so after much research, I ordered one for my birthday. My husband and I were traveling on our very first LONG (three-month) road trip in our new-to-us motorhome, so you delivered it promptly to one of our destinations, Omaha.

My son and husband put it together…no real project. EASY! After my husband took it for a spin, he had to have one, also! We ride them daily and absolutely LOVE it! We even have contests to see how fast we can unfold them to ride. (Obviously, here we treated ourselves to a ride to the local Estes Park, CO, brewery!)

Thanks so much! Mimi P.

Hi Alan,
I’m now the proud owner of 3 1/2 bikes. Sorry, the Greenzone has to be the 1/2 bike – just because. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with it and how I solved the problem of the slow moving decision makers when It comes to bringing bikes aboard the trains here in Connecticut. Foldable bikes are permitted at any time, while full size bikes are only permitted at off-peak hours and with a bike permit. So I really ran the bike through its paces while off the bike and not riding.

Dashing for the train and grabbing it partly folded up a flight of stairs to the platform this morning was the first test. Getting it folded the rest of the way and seeing how much room there was on a normally crowed train was the second. It really past with flying colors.

The final test was how fast I could get from the train station to my office since that will be a critical thing for the return trip this afternoon because it’s a more time sensitive challenge. I got that baby up to 22mph from a cold start but averaged out at 14.1. Will be pushing it a little harder in the next few days. I spent the time adding my own features like a blinking red rear light and a nice bring front light, as well as a cycle computer so I can keep an eye out for my time, distance and speed. I did take your recommendation seriously and did tighten up a few things to make sure things felt securely locked. I would definitely recommend this bike to others.

Jeff M.

Hi Green Zone,

Put the kit on my chopper, runs perfect.

Cruising the streets pedal or don’t petal

Throttle works good you can go slow or full, and super quiet, best kit out there.

So easy to install and comes with a bag.

You can put the battery in it and hides everything, can’t even tell its an ebike.

Green zone people communication was Tops, answered all my questions. If you have been looking for that simple kit for your bike, only 2 wires – that’s it – this might be the one.

I get lots of comps about my chopper that I ride again because of green zone!

Thanks for making this simple but awesome ebike kit.

Hi GreenZone,

Very happy with my purchase.

My wife and I are now in our 70s and have become somewhat limited in our ability to enjoy our bikes. We installed the E-kit on my wife’s trike. Wow, what a difference it makes when you’ve got joint pain from aging. It’s easy to install. Everything went as explained in the instructions. It took me only about a half hour. I appreciate that Alan followed up with me to make sure it was problem free.


Paul L.

Hi Green Zone,

This is my third tricycle that I installed your e-kits on. Excellent performance on my own Schwinn Meridian adult tricycle. My customers are very happy with them.

I share with you this picture.

Best regards,


Hi GreenZone,

 I installed my new GreenZone E-bike kit on my Schwin  mountain bike pictured below at the Iron Ore Heritage Trail in Marquette Michigan.  We own two other brands of e-bike kits and this one is by far the best.  The battery hooked up on our bike where the water bottle was.  This keeps the center of gravity lower and the battery is very secure.  It is held in place by a keyed lock and very secure.

You can charge it on or off the bike.  And, the usb port is a plus if you need to charge a phone that you might be using for GPS. The front wheel motor is responsive and powerful.  The best feature is the variable speed throttle.  This enables one to use only what is needed or wanted, whereas with my other e-kit models it is all push button power or none at all. The large free storage bag can be used to hold the battery, but I use it for tools, rain jacket, lunch, you name it.  It is great quality and fits nicely on my rear rack.  At 71, and with a bad knee,  I still love to ride and a battery assist bike enables me to ride 20 or 30 miles without pain or getting completely worn out.

John K.


Hi my name is Joe,
I bought one kit at first for myself – I ride around tons of hills and have my 2 year old on a bike seat with me so it’s really hard for me to get around the neighborhood. But! With this e-kit front wheel no problem I go on long bike rides all around with an extra 30-40 pounds of kiddo on the back wheel, no problem. Still a workout and the right amount of pedaling but not unenjoyable. Bought another one right away for my wife (pictured) and she absolutely loves it, makes family time way way better. Installation is a breeze and use is easy, just pop the battery on and go.
Happy GreenZone Customer,

Hey GreenZone,

Hope this email finds you well?  I installed your e-kit on my “Franken-bike” and have been riding nonstop ever since lol – Talk about FUN! The kit was very easy to install, the provided tools truly make this a “Plug and play” conversion! Thank you for helping me get GreenZoneIfied!



A GreenZone bike and GreenZone Electric Bike Kit – A match made in heaven!

Several years ago, we purchased a GreenZone folding tandem and since then, have enjoyed it immensely.  Even though we are in relatively good physical shape for our age,  last year we noticed it was getting a little more challenging when riding up a slope or against a wind.  When the pandemic hit this year and we cancelled out of country travel plans, we knew we would be using the tandem more.

When I saw the email in the spring regarding the electric kits that GreenZone was now offering, I jumped at the chance to purchase one.  We hoped that kit would provide that little bit of extra assistance that we would have liked last year.

After the very easy assembly of the kit and installation of the controls we were ready to give it a test.  We were thrilled with it immediately and our experience with it for the entire summer proved to us that the electric kit was exactly what we needed to restore the full enjoyment of our cycling excursions. It’s flawless operation and amazing performance has proven that purchase to be one of the best bicycle related decisions we ever made! It’s perfect to provide that extra boost of power when needed (and we also it to propel us that “last tired mile”).

If you’re wondering if the electric kit for your bicycle is a good choice, we are happy to say YES, it ABSOLUTELY is!  Order one today, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Mark and Rebecca
    Canton, MIchigan

Here is my bike with conversion kit located at my work.

What I love about this kit:

1. EASY BREEZY.  I did the conversion in less than 30 minutes.  Can girls do that, of course they can!
2. The charge holds and even on days when I don’t use it.
3. The cost is hands down one of the best I found online.
4. U.S. product.  To me that was one of the biggest draws for me to find you online and purchase.

Thank you for your great product, as I will be purchasing another one for my husband, and I will be doing his conversion too :).

Best, Dena G.

Hi Green Zone!

Overall, I a pleased with the kit; it works as advertised. I would give it five stars out of five.  Your kit seems fully comparable or superior to others that cost much more. The quality of the motor, battery, Kenda tire and throttle assembly in particular seems quite high.

The kit is a very good solution for an older (78) recreational rider like me who uses the power mostly when starting up from a traffic light or stop sign, and to go up the few short but steep inclines we have in the valley around Tucson.

Best regards,


Hi GreenZone,

Luv the first E-Kit so much that we brought a 2nd one in less than 30 days. They are working well on our Trike and Tandem bicycles.


Jacqueline T.


Hello Green Zone,
My name is Shelia and I live in sunny Florida. Being unable to ride my bike
for the last several years due to mobility issues. I had given up the hope
of ever riding my bike so I purchased a stationary bike but it was not the
same. Every time that I walked in my garage and saw my bike, it was like
being punched in the stomach. Unable to take it any longer, I placed my bike
for sale. I listed it for several weeks until I saw the Green Zone E bike
conversion ad on YouTube.
Finally, I had hope. I can ride my bike again. Without delay, I contacted
Alan at Green Zone and purchased the E bike-conversion kit.
If you are someone who has mobility issues, call Alan. He helped me and he
can help you too.
Thanks Again,

Hi GreenZone,

I really am enjoying my new (well, old but newly electrified) bike.  Even on my non-standard cruiser bike, the installation was easy to understand and not difficult at all.

The motor runs smoothly and riding uphill is a breeze!  My cranky hip and I thank you!

Greetings GreenZone Bikers,

My name is Randy and I live in the Memphis, TN area. I purchased my GreenZone folding bike in December of 2011 and have been loving it ever since. I’ve had other road and mountain bikes, but I always fall back on my GreenZone. It is so easy to store and handle and doesn’t take up a lot of room in the garage. I ride almost daily (weather permitting) and have never had any problems with the bike. Plus, it still looks great for almost 9 years old.

I highly recommend GreenZone bikes.  An American company that sells a quality product.

Alan, Hi.

Here’s a pix of my last outing with my ekit installed on my greenzone bike.  I’m glad I came back to you for the kit.  There a several out there but I appreciate the quality and personal touch.

The kit came timely, and it was easy to install.

Really enjoy the power on those longer rides.

I will always keep in touch to see what Greenzone accessories are available for my bike.

Thanks for all your support.

Maryann E.

Hi Alan,
Review of my 20-inch E-Bike Kit
For my 70th birthday, I received a GreenZone Bikes E-Bike Kit (20 Inch).  I’ve been riding a folding bike to work for years, and now that I retired to Seattle, Washington, it is a real treat to handle this hilly city with a little help.  The Kit arrived and I had no trouble installing it on my current folding bike.
I needed to install extra washers on my front fork to accommodate the motor so it wouldn’t rub the fork. With a few of the zip ties it came with, I neatly coiled the extra wire lengths and my “new” E-bike was ready to go.
I still pedal uphill, but the E-boost from the thumb throttle is such a pleasure to use.  Thanks GreenZone Bikes for designing this easy to use and relatively inexpensive solution for aging legs!
UPDATE:  My wife is also loving the E-kit we just added for our Tandem Bike!

Best,  Deane

“ I love that my Greenzone folding bike is compact and light enough to fit in the cabin of my Cessna 150. Now I can have comfortable easy transportation wherever I decide to land. I can use it to quickly ride from small airports to the boardwalks on the Jersey shore, to the diners down the street, or even just to explore America’s beautiful small towns accessible by small airports everywhere. It folds in seconds, it is comfortable and sturdy to ride, and it is of great quality especially for the price”  – Mark S. Philadelphia, PA


I purchased your 26″ Electric Bike Kit for my wife as a Mother’s Day present. GreenZoneBikes was very helpful.

This morning, my wife and I went on our first bike ride since I added the kit to her bike. We only did a short five (5) mile ride at a local State Park, that is equally divided between level and hilly portions. There was one particular hill that I was worried would be too steep for your electric kit to pull my wife to the top without her having to peddle as well. When we got to the end, my was smiling ear to ear. She said she only peddled because she wanted to, not because she needed too. Your electric kit was plenty strong and able to tackle all of the hills without any peddling assistance.

My wife is now able to keep up with me, and will probably outpace me when she gets used to her new found speed.

Thank you for a wonderful product.

Louis H.

Happy wife, happy life, in Northern California

To the ladies and gentlemen at Greenzone:
I am attaching some photos from our recent trip to Italy. Four of us packed our Greenzone bikes. We had a terrific time riding around Rome, Florence, Padua, and other cities. The bikes performed flawlessly and were no problem to set up or repack. In Rome we got from our hotel to various sites faster than cabs. Wherever we went, people were interested in our bikes and wanted to know where to buy them. Especially because they pack in regular luggage without airline surcharges, we will be taking them on all of our trips.

“Woody” W.

Hi GreenZone,

The kit works great. It gave new life to my Magna Rip Curl. Hope you keep selling these, will definitely recommend and refer them.

Thanks again.


Harlingen, Texas

Hello GreenZone,
My name is David B. and I live in San Diego, California. I am a retired person, but I have very active life. I purchased a GreenZone bicycle 20” Premium Edition. I have included pictures taken yesterday on the beech of Mission Bay in San Diego. I am enjoying my new bike. It has cool looks, everybody likes it. It’s really easy to ride, it has great maneuverability and it’s easy to brake, stop and

stand on both feet at any moment, which is especially valuable in the crowded beech or park situation. Most importantly for me, I can fold it in seconds and put in the trunk of my car and then bring it to any place, unfold it in seconds and enjoy pleasant riding with convenient shifting of 7 speeds. I also ride it around my neighborhood for exercise, small chores and just sheer pleasure.

Thanks a lot,
David B.

Highly Reccomended!
Very attentive customer service. They emailed me after my order to make sure they had it right. Then emailed me again with the instructions for install. So helpful!
I purchased the 26′ motorized front wheel to attach to an adult trike. Super simple install. The best part is there are only 2 wires and the battery is included in the price which is what made this the best choice for us. I had been researching for months, getting frustrated with all the complicated motors with tons of wires and no battery included. I was so excited to find this option. This is literally plug and play!
My son loves it but didn’t want his picture taken 🙁
Ruth R.

Ordered my Green Zone COMPLETE ELECTRIC BIKE KIT FRONT WHEEL E-BIKE CONVERSION KIT and the same day I received it, I took it out for its first test ride.  You may say that’s quick installation, but given the fact that I am 81 years old shows just how easy the installation was on my 2012 Trek Navagator 2.0.  Absolutely thrilled with the way it turned out and was pleased with the extra “boost” I got from it on the hills.

If you have any questions, just eMail them and you will get quick response.

As you can see I’m no lightweight, but this arrangement easily carries me 15 miles with minimum peddling.  Now, I think I’ll go for a ride 👍.

Jack D.


Nice meeting you last week.  We took the electric bikes to Galveston last weekend and rode the seawall.  Great time.  Very impressed with the bikes!

Dan, Texas

Hi GreenZone, here we are riding our new Premium Edition 16s in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park on Sunday, the day they close off some of the roads to cars so people on bikes, skates and on foot can take over. Love the bikes! Folded them and tucked them easily into the car trunk.

Raoul and Lisa

Davis, California

Here’s a photo of one of our bikes on our recent camping trip. Bikes were great! Easy to pack in our camper. Rode them every where and had other campers stop us and ask about them.

Thanks so much,

David Moncla

Montgomery, TX

Hi Greenzone,

We’ve been riding everyday and twice a week on a paved trail. She loves it. That’s her Service dog Geo always by her side.

Thank you for making a difference in our lives.


Here is our story. We bought our bikes in December and did not use them till May.

We bought them to use from our sailboat. They have proven to be a great choice. They both fit in our quarter-berth for storage. and dinghy when we go ashore. Getting them on and off the boat is easy.

I am an engineer so I researched folding bikes a lot before buying. I chose this bike because it has a rear strut that comes up high and reduces the length of the seat post. I weigh 245 and the bike holds my weight without any problems. They ride really well. They go where we point them, they feel great to ride. And the seats are comfortable.

My wife and try to ride about six miles each morning

when we are sailing.I cannot tell you how much we enjoy these bikes.

Here she is on the dock. And after a few miles ride visiting Rock Hall, MD.

Everyone asks about them. They all like the design and ease to folding and unfolding. One friend, who actually was a manufacturer’s rep for a different bike company said they are better built than bikes costing twice as much. You may have to run another sale again.

Bob Cascone

Hey GreenZone,
just wanted to give some overwhelmingly positive feedback on your product. I have been the proud owner of a black value edition (Steel) 20″ for around 3.5 years, and have done my best to ride it into the ground. I live in San Antonio, Texas, a community that has recently invested extensive resources into developing and connecting paved trails around the city, and I have put thousands of miles on my bike

exploring them. The bike is sturdy; it’s quick; it commands attention from folks riding gear several times what I’ve invested in my folder, and everyone wants to know how it rides, where to get it, and see it fold! Just took it in for its first major tune-up, and they very tactfully stated that I rode the you-know-what out of my bike. So a single chain and cassette have taken all those miles. Wherever you’re sourcing your parts, and however you’re slapping them together, you’re doing it right. If I could give yall five more stars I would. I’ve attached a photo of myself with my folder. I’ll be sure to send more as it travels. Lots of paved trails begging to be explored, in Texas! You’ve got a customer for life.

David Z.

Hi GreenZone, just wanted you to know how much I love your bike.

I’m legally blind but have a small vision field and my world has been too narrow, but now, very carefully, I’ve been able to open my world incredibly with your bike. I’ve been biking in safe and low populated areas like Riverside Park in NYC and at my cabin in upstate NY.

These photos are from my biking around the Ashokan Reservoir which is about 12 minutes from my cabin. This reservoir provides most of the water to NYC and I feel as though I am in Switzerland….

I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I am……I try to bike everyday and when I’m back in NYC, I’ll take a photo of my bike with the George Washingto Bridge in the

background. So thanks SO VERY MUCH for my new life…

Lots o’ Luv, Catskills Pete

Just wanted to add to the testimonials that we are very pleased with our folding tandem bike.

What a great way for a husband and wife who want to cycle together to get exercise and tour interesting places. Attached is a photo of us with our bike at Gulf Islands National Seashore in Pensacola, Florida.

Everywhere we go people ask where we bought the bike and we are happy to promote GreenZone Bikes

Bob & Ann

left snowy, cold Western Pennsylvania behind to head to sunny Florida for a couple of months and brought my new GreenZone bike along. I absolutely love it and put between 5 – 10 miles on it every day in Ormond Beach, Florida. Took it across the state to Clearwater for a couple of days and rode it all over there, as well.

The bike attracts a lot of attention,and I have given out your web site numerous times.

I love the ease of folding it up and throwing it in the back of my car each night. Without a doubt, this is one of the best investments I have ever made. I am very pleased with the comfort and quality of the bike.


Greetings from Rio,

We had a fun excursion from Ipanema, to Copacabana to Flamingo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this weekend. Here is a picture of us with our new tandem! It is a nice bike and we had a great time. We have not seen any of these GreenZone bikes here in Rio, so this could be the first of its kind here in Brazil… so we hope you enjoy the postcard! Also, attached is a shot of your bike with Pao de Acucar in the background.

Again, many thanks!
Cheers, Brad

Hi Alan ,

Here we are on our greenzone tandem bike outside the Americas Cup Village in Auckland New Zealand.

The bike is fantastic and we get lots of comments when we are out and about. Thanks for the great purchase

Thanks Mike

This bike is fantastic! It folds or sets up in thirty seconds or less (no exaggeration), has top quality components and is fabricated of serious materials with quality assembly and welding. The main clamp has a double-secure lock and the other clamps have retaining brackets; all have adjustments. The derailleur took one click of the cable adjusting nut to fine-tune the Shimano 7-speed, and the limiters were already set accurately? no need for a bike shop. I put five miles on it the first day, up and down moderate hills, and made it fine despite being totally out of shape. Re. the Canadian study that found 20″ wheels more efficient than 26″ wheels.

Great tires, the fenders are steel, the “luggage” rack has a spring-loaded second top, the pedals fold in a second, the kick-stand has a double-kick safety release, it has a nice cowling over the pedal gears to protect pants cuffs? even

has reflectors and a bell! Really well-thought out quality product. My wife has a Dahon marine bike (20″) and she’s green with envy: hers takes ten times the time and effort to fold or set up, cost a lot more, and isn’t a bit better. Also, communication with the seller was great, and the bike arrived ahead of schedule. This is an honorable vendor. Jon Stein, Florida (yes, there are some hills there)

Received my bike today! Great packaging no problems at all. I took the foldable bike out of box, unfolded it adjusted the seat and handlebars & went for a ride!

Probably not the recommended procedure but all gears and brakes worked perfectly! Really no bull she worked perfectly.

After initial ride I re-adjusted it for my 11 year old daughter and than again for my 13 year old son. This bike is awesome they said and I felt the same. I am thinking about getting more for our upcoming trip across country! Trust me this bike is a very good deal, quality throughout, adjustability and convenience just maybe I will now loose those 20 Lbs.

SSouthern New Hampshire

Dear Alan,

Thank you for your great bike and friendly service; here’s my “testimonial”- feel free to use in any way you wish. I bought this little gem about a month ago and feel like a kid again.

I work as an assistant prosecutor and believed that “bike therapy” would be cheaper than a physiciatrist ( one must have a sense of humor in my job) and after work the bike comes out; I wash away a bad day in eight to ten miles. When my bike initially arrived the chain had come loose during shipping but a quick call to Alan alleviated the problem. Alan was very polite and friendly and seems to want to make his customers happy- you succeeded;

Thanks Alan! Les

Bike is so far beyond FABULOUS, that I can hardly think of words to express my appreciation!!!

I ordered my Greenzone when I saw it on Good Morning America. It arrived so quickly, and in perfect shape. The double boxing is a genius move on someone’s part.

It was an absolute piece of cake to put it together!!! The email directions were incredibly simple to follow, and I used the website to see how to fold my bike for storage. All I had to do was add some air to the tires! (I was really happy to find out that the seat and handlebars simply drop into the frame for folding purposes, so everything is so easy once the it initial setup was completed!)

You guys are really sneaky too! The GMA promotion didn’t mention the spiffy, rip stop storage bag that came with my bike. And… the handlebar bell! Just AWESOME!

I also love the riding dynamic of my Greenzone. I have mobility issues, and the design allows me to use the bike with no difficulty. This is a VERY big deal for me! The amount of available seat/handlebar makes my Greenzone extra maneuverable, a definite advantage. I am completely amazed that such a compact bike feels l am riding a much bigger model.

This sixty six year old woman is looking forward to many years of chasing her grand/great grandchildren on their bikes, though I seriously suspect my Greenzone bell is going to mean I have to fight them to ride my own bike!!! Thanks for making such a FANTASTIC bike!!!!

Bunny, L. Ashland, Oregon
PS. I spend part of every summer in Alaska, and am looking forward to taking my Greenzone right along with me on the plane! The moose will be thrilled to watch me…

I want to say thanks for the bike — it arrived on Saturday, and it was easy to assemble with the instructions and video. My autistic son and I took it for a 9-mile ride on Sunday, and we are riding in the HyannisPort Challenge this weekend to support best buddies.

Please let me know where on the website I can post, I’d love to share my experience with others. John Q

My daughter received her bike. Thank you so much. This has been the best internet shopping experience I have had.

  1. Fast personal internet response to the purchase of the product.
  2. You double checked the address and the information to make sure it is correct and will go to the proper location.
  3. You asked for phone number for delivery day to ensure product could arrive
  4. You make a great product that is affordable for anybody.
  5. Your product hands down is the same quality as others for 70% less.
  6. You send plenty of information to make sure a person could set their bike up.
  7. You ship your bike with a bell to ring.
  8. You made my daughter the happiest girl today.

Thank you.
Kimberley, Michigan

Dear GreenZoneBikes,

We recently received our folding bike and it blew us away!!! The quality of the bike itself and the detailing (little rack at back, gears, bell, cute fenders) is just beyond expectation! It really is as good as it looks in the video! Because it is adjustable in terms of seat and handlebar height my husband was able to learn how to ride a bike on this one!! And he succeeded after 1 hour!!! He couldn’t be happier!! We loved it so much we had to brag to family members and now they are going to get one. And of course I want a second for myself. I would also like to say I own a Hyundai Accent Hatchback and it cannot fit a normal bike. I’m also too cheap to get a bike rack. This folding bike solves the problem and fits just fine. Why not..even a second can fit! Thank you for a quality product, excellent customer service (the video of how to fold/unfold is helpful!!)…and above all a great price that makes owning one or two…affordable!!! Marta, Boston MA

Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our new folding bikes. We bought our two bikes in June just before we headed north for three months. We are road bikers in Florida but wanted something we could travel with and take up less room in our SUV.

Green Zone bikes are great. very comfortable ride even after 20 miles. The gearing works well and best of all we are ready to ride in 15 seconds.

We are very glad we found your website and bought our bikes.

Mike and Kathie

Thank you again, Alan,
for honoring the sale price on my bike. I had it out for a spin by our beach and it was wonderful! I bought it because I am a 110lb senior gal and I needed something light I could manage;..and manage I did! Not only could I lift it easily to get in the backseat of my car, but I actually got it into the trunk as well. It rode great and other than my boney little tush needing a little more padding (I will use my gel seat cover on it) I couldn’t have been more pleased. I think it is a wonderful value. It was also cute to see my grandkids faces when I folded and unfolded it for them to see!
Thanks Again,
Best, Rose

I just ordered another one today. I love your bike so much. Very solidly built! Bike rack that mounted on the trunk of my car is history. It fits easily inside the trunk of my Camry. It rides so much better than other costly folding bikes. 5 stars for GreenZoneBikes! Super super fast delivery. You guys are the best! Tran, San Diego

Hey Alan,
First of all, I just wanted to say I’m really stoked about my bike. Everything on the bike is great quality. I’m a triathlete so cycling’s my hobby. I like to ride a commuter bike around town that can handle pot holes and insane Los Angeles traffic, and so far yours has been sturdy and just as fast as my old Schwinn (which had 21 speeds, but I never moved out of the top 7, and I find the 7 are enough for me on this one.) I’ve told a lot of people about it, especially since it’s a great value compared to other folding bikes, and rides steady and fast as I need. LA’s becoming more biking friendly, and I think the folding bike’s perfect for folks like me who don’t want their bike stolen but only have limited space. I’ll happily keep letting people know about it as much as I can. 🙂
Thanks, Nikki

Hey just wanted you to know how much we have enjoyed the folding bike we purchased for Christmas. It is so well made and such a pleasure to ride. Love the way it folds up and goes in its bag. Thanks again for such quick service, I had purchased it for a January Birthday and just wanted to take advantage of the special holiday pricing. We went camping last weekend and had a number of people ask about where we had purchased the bike. Hope some of them followed up That was a great article on ABC Morning News about good deals, I hope you received a lot of orders from it.

Hi GreenZone!
I left snowy, cold Western Pennsylvania behind to head to sunny Florida for a couple of months and brought my new GreenZone bike along. I absolutely love it and put between 5 – 10 miles on it every day in Ormond Beach, Florida. Took it across the state to Clearwater for a couple of days and rode it all over there, as well. The bike attracts a lot of attention,and I have given out your web site numerous times. I love the ease of folding it up and throwing it in the back of my car each night. Without a doubt, this is one of the best investments I have ever made. I am very pleased with the comfort and quality of the bike.
Thanks, Sue

Thanks for your quick response. The videos helped out great and now I really enjoy taking my bike anywhere I go. Its a great bike and I love the fenders and the rear rack. You did your homework Alan. As a college student, I recently got my old bike stolen. It was a Schwinn Mountain Bike and obviously to large to fit in my dorm. Now, with my new folding bike, I can take it up to my dorm once I come from school, leave it there and then when I’m going to use it, I just bring it down and unfold it. I was looking at other folding bikes such as the Brompton and the Dahon and I was saying to myself “If I were to buy one of these bikes on a college students budget, I would have to sell an arm and a leg”. And for what? The quality is just as good! Thanks again for great quality and a quick, helpful response.
Abanoub, California

Alan: I received the new tandem bike I ordered today. What a great quality bike for the money. Have it all together and been out on a few test rides. The bike was packed very well. No damage at all. You guys do a great job and I am sure our bike will be a great addition to our travels. we travel extensively in our 5th wheel trailer. The bike will go with us. Thanks again for your great service. Neil T.

I Just got the bikes in and have unpacked and assembled the Red one. Very impressed with the weight and feel of the bike. It rode very well and shifted like a dream. I cannot wait to be out with my wife pedaling thru Rock Hall MD during the fall festival. Thank you. They are everything the web site says. Charles

I wasn’t sure where to send this. I have been riding your tandem with my son since 2010 and it’s great. I am presently handicapped and the tandem is helping me to keep walking. My son and I ride various bike tours in Texas and it does well. I have made a few changes to it over the years but it’s still the best tandem I have ever owned and I have owned a few. Without it’s unique design, I couldn’t be on the road today. Keep up the great work.

Additional Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent!!! Honest!!!! Prompt deliveries!!!!
  • EXCELLENT SELLER, Quick Ship & Delivery, Great for RV / High Quality Bike 🙂
  • If I could rate this 11 out of 10, I would. Excellent!
  • WE LOVE THE TANDEM! My wife enjoys riding on the back at her own pace with the Independent Pedaling!
  • Awesome Bike. I love it. Great for riding the train.
  • super svce+ship’t+qual:mtl fenders, excel hand welds;beats Dahon&@30% the price!
  • Love the bike and seller. What a positive experience. Marvelous Communication!
  • Great value! Very easy to fold and transport! Great seller to work with! A+++
  • Great little bike for travelers thanks
  • Gr8 transaction, very fast shipping, xlnt packaging, Gr8 tandem for this price!!
  • Great bike, shipped fast. It seems very well built. We may buy a 2nd one soon!!
  • VERY high quality bicycle and the best possible service A+ all around perfect!!!
  • Bike rides great and assembly was easy, Quick Shipping as well
  • Great Bikes!!! Great Communication!!! Highly Recommended!!!! A++++
  • Very satisfied with bike, very easy to assemble, rides great!!!
  • Great product!!! I love the bike!!! Fast Shipment, good communication!!! A+++++
  • Doesn’t get any better. Great Communication, Great Prices and Fast Shipping
  • Great To Deal With, AAA+++ Excellent Communication , Buy here with Confidence !
  • What Fun! Love the bike! Great communication. SUPER FAST DELIVERY* Thanks!
  • speedy service! bike came this am and by afternoon we were cruising!! thanks!
  • Item was sent quickly. Seller is very helpful and wants the buyer to be happy.
  • Absolutely wonderful!! Gave me additional info. Very easy to contact. Quick ship
  • Excellent to work with…Fast delivery…Quick email responses…Very helpful!!!
  • Fun Bike and great Customer Serivce! Prepare to hear “nice bike” as you ride
  • very helpful, enjoy shopping with them!!!
  • Bike was even better than discription. Fast shipping, Great transaction!!!!!!
  • This Bike is Outragious! Having a Blast! Quality Superior! Highly Recommend!
  • Very responsive seller….pleasure doing business…Highly recommended=AAAA++++
  • Prompt and courteous, with excellent communication and follow-up
  • AWESOME to deal with, sends item quickly, and quick to help when you need it.
  • Prompt response. Good product. I’m very happy with my purchase. Highly recommend
  • Its the best folding bike for the money and shipping was A1 fast Thanks
  • Great Bike ! quick shipping the wife and I love, highly recommend seller
  • Great seller, Good communication and product
  • A++++,Will do business Again
  • great seller fast delivery and quick to respond to questions. dedicated to buyer

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